Bill Thomasson

Bill Thomasson was born in 1936, the only son of a working-class Arkansas family.  Only the third member of his extended family to complete high school, he eventually received a PhD in biochemistry.  He discovered, however, that he was not cut out for research: Writing about science was easier than doing it.  So he became a science/medical writer and continues active in the field today because learning all that new stuff is just too much fun to give up.  In addition to being an active science fiction fan and amatuer futurist, Bill became politically active when he was already 67 and legally blind.  If you encounter him at a U.S. con you'll probably see him wearing some candidate's button and a tee shirt advertising the Disability Pride Parade.

Fri1500SF for the HandicappedAs the population ages, more and more people have special needs in order to function fully within society. How do those with "Special Needs" access their SF?Lillian CSERNICA, W A THOMASSON, Farah MENDLESOHN, Pat CADIGAN
Sun1000The Economics and Sociology of AbundanceOver millennia, humankind has grown steadily richer. Eventually, will money no longer be an issue? How will this culture of plenty affect human motives and interactions? Are the motives we see in today's SF believable in an ultra-wealthy far-future setting?Marianne PLUMRIDGE-EGGLETON, W A THOMASSON, Mike SCOTT, Tore Audun HIE