Don Timm

Don Timm graduated from the University of Iowa College of Law with a Juris Doctorate, and somehow got a magna cum laude in the process.  He worked in the private international law sector for a number of years before a slick-talking government official persuaded him to try his hand at public service.  For the next three decades, he worked in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and Africa in public international law and negotiations, serving in various positions including Chief of International Agreements for the United Nations Command in Korea and as a special arbitor on a NATO panel, and currently is a Special Assistant for International Law with the United States European Command.  During his career he has been involved in international negotiations with the governments of over forty countries and has somehow also managed to accumulate a number of publication credits and millions of Frequent Flyer miles.

Recently published - Contributor (author or co-author of two chapters) in Fleck, The Handbook of the Law of Visiting Forces, Oxford University Press, London 2001.