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Mark L. Van Name, who John Ringo has said is "going to be the guy to beat in the race to the top of SFdom," has worked in the high-tech industry for over thirty years and today runs a technology assessment company in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.  A former Executive Vice President for Ziff Davis Media and national technology columnist, he's published over a thousand computer-related articles and multiple science fiction stories in a variety of magazines and anthologies, including the Year's Best Science Fiction.  His first novel, One Jump Ahead, begins the Jon & Lobo series and appeared in June.  The next book in the series, Slanted Jack, will appear in June, 2008.

Recently published - One Jump Ahead (novel), stories in Future Weapons of War and Cosmic Tales II

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Thu1300The Future of ComputersComputers are getting lighter and more capable every year. (The latest innovation: tie two or more onto the same piece of silicon). Is there an end in sight? Or does it only end at some point in the so called "Singularity?"Chris COOPER, David D. LEVINE, Jack William BELL, Mark L. VAN NAME
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Sat1400SF Tribes? The New Communities in Internet Society.Our community has grown so big, we have many small cabals, each of which cares nothing for the others. Through the Internet, blogging and e-mails our ties are strengthened and old community values wear thin, as proved by Hurricane Katrina. Any connection there?Lou ANDERS, Mark L. VAN NAME, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Sat1600?s It Really Strange?: New SlipstreamBruce Stterling coined the term Slipstream nearly twenty years ago. Since then a bunch of new writers has written a lot of that kind of unclassifiable strange fiction. But is it a type, or subgenre? One thing is clear now. Many writers in their thirties now prefer to write bizarre and surrealistic stories within our genre. And it happens in Japan, too.Kelly LINK, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Mark L. VAN NAME, Takashi OGAWA
Sun1100Upcoming from Baen BooksBaen Books upcoming titles and publication schedule.Mark L. VAN NAME, Jennie FARIES
Mon1000Mysteries: Cross-Overs, Overlaps and MarketingSome fans read both mysteries and SF/F; while others read from only one genre. But when Glen Cook's works show up on the mystery shelves, and Laurel K. Hamilton's are now labeled SF/F, what difference do marketing lines and writing styles make?Carolina GOMEZ LAGERLOF, Chris COOPER, Marianne PLUMRIDGE-EGGLETON, Mark L. VAN NAME, Patricia MACEWEN