Alex von Thorn

Alexander von Thorn won the Aurora award in Canada for fan writing, for writing articles, interview, and reviews on SF Site, The Voyageur, and other media.  He is well-known to gamers, both as a game designer for Steve Jackson Games, Victory Games, and TSR, but also as manager of The Worldhouse game store in Toronto for many years.  He is a veteran of several Worldcon and NASFiC bids and is active in convention fandom in Toronto, Chicago, Seattle, and elsewhere, having been introduced to fandom by costumers and gamers.  His non-fiction publications cover topics as diverse as intelligence organizations, emerging democracies, fantasy economics, and demonology.  He is descended from scientists, engineers, and utopian pioneers, but to their collective disappointment his academic background is in business, computer science, and economics.  In his day job he manages a technical support team for a global communications company.

Recently published - "Building the Worldcon Committee", File 770 "Starship Westerns Versus Science Fiction", Argentus "Xena as Art and Archetype", The Voyageur "Dust" (review), SF Site "Interview with Armin Shimerman", The Voyageur

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