René Walling

A fan of animation, comic books and science fiction, René Walling chairs Anticipation (, a bid to bring the Worldcon to Montreal in 2009.  He also writes for fps magazine ( and has occasionally been known to work as a graphic designer.

Thu1300Heroines in AnimeSome people claim that there are no heroines in Anime; that the females are simply eye candy or in need of rescuing. Is this true? Or are female Anime heroes capable of kicking ass on an equal footing with the males?Lillian CSERNICA, Rene WALLING, Terry O'BRIEN
Fri1300Fannish Inquisition I The 2009 Worldcon BidsKansas City and Montreal are bidding to host the 2009 Worldcon. Come hear what each bid has to say before casting your vote.Margene BAHM, Jim MURRAY, Rene WALLING, Eugene HELLER