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Draft Program Grid

This is the final draft schedule prior to the printing of the program guide. There may still be a few changes before the guide is printed, and there are almost certainly changes to be made before the convention. This page will be updated as new information comes to light, but the official program is still the program guide and any modification sheets provided at the convention.
This page last updated: August 19th 2007

This version supersedes the "Final Version" emailed out previously, and should be used.

Thu1300ExomusicologyScience fiction has been creating alien cultures for decades, but we rarely think about alien music. Where are there descriptions of alien music in the genre? What might truly alien music sound like? Would we like it? Would we even recognize it?Dave HOWELL, John T. SAPIENZA,Jr, Peter HECK
Thu1300Heroines in AnimeSome people claim that there are no heroines in Anime; that the females are simply eye candy or in need of rescuing. Is this true? Or are female Anime heroes capable of kicking ass on an equal footing with the males?Lillian CSERNICA, Rene WALLING, Terry O'BRIEN
Thu1300Kaffeeklatsche Robert Charles WILSON
Thu1300Readings Alma ALEXANDER
Thu1300The Aardvark PanelThe first panel of the convention. We talk about aardvarks or whatever other fancy comes to mind.Jessica LANGER, Paul CORNELL, Susan DE GUARDIOLA, John HERTZ
Thu1300The Future of ComputersComputers are getting lighter and more capable every year. (The latest innovation: tie two or more onto the same piece of silicon). Is there an end in sight? Or does it only end at some point in the so called "Singularity?"Chris COOPER, David D. LEVINE, Jack William BELL, Mark L. VAN NAME
Thu1400Alternative Family StructuresA discussion on how the family has changed over the ages, and how this can be integral to the art of storytelling.Margene BAHM, Jessica LANGER, Farah MENDLESOHN
Thu1400Fan Funds and What They AreFor fifty years we've had Fan Funds that carry people across the seas to visit other fans. Two special one-time funds were made for Nippon 2007, bringing John from the U.S. and Chris from Britain. Ask them questions! Hear their stories!John HERTZ, Chris O'SHEA
Thu1400Interstellar travelA slide presentation on interstellar travel.G. David NORDLEY
Thu1400Kaffeeklatsche Charles STROSS
Thu1400Readings Scott EDELMAN
Thu1400Want to Play a Game? Teaching Other People to PlayHow many times have you flipped through the rule book, trying to find answers while others wonder "can we just start playing already?" Learn what not to tell people, why the rulebook's are bad and other ways of assuring that you're not ruining a good game with a bad explanation.James L. CAMBIAS, Michele ELLINGTON, Terry O'BRIEN
Thu1400War Crimes: A Summer in KosovoDarfur. Bosnia. Kosovo. Rwanda. Can there be justice? Can these crimes be prevented? Learn about the graves of Kosovo, and the ensuing court case. The forensic team in Kosovo (summer 2000) was the largest and most professional ever assembled to work on war crimes. What's next, and where?Patricia MACEWEN
Thu1500Autographs Christopher BOLTON
Thu1500Autographs Paul CORNELL
Thu1500Autographs Gregory BENFORD
Thu1500Introduction to the WSFS Business MeetingThe Worldcon business meeting can be intimidating for newcomers. The panels provides an introduction to why the business meeting is important and how it works. We'll also talk about some of the topics that will be covered at the meeting.Kevin STANDLEE
Thu1500Is This Your First Worldcon?What everyone should know about about Worldcons.Gay HALDEMAN, Martin EASTERBROOK, Perrianne LURIE
Thu1500Kaffeeklatsche Ken BRADY
Thu1500Kaffeeklatsche Michael WHELAN
Thu1500Readings Mary TURZILLO
Thu1500The ArchiTECHSTake a bunch of geniuses, give them a problem and 48 hours to solve it, then let the cameras roll to watch it happen. Two pilot episodes of this series aired on USA's History Channel. With an introduction by GOH David Brin.David BRIN
Thu1600Autographs Joe HALDEMAN
Thu1600Autographs Ellen KUSHNER
Thu1600Children of Haruki MurakamiIntroducing the slipstream writers in the tradition of Haruki Murakami in Japan.Nozomi OMORI, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Thu1600Evil LeadersEvil leaders in history and literature are fascinating. What makes them evil, and why do they interest us? What is evil? Can an evil leader benefit his people? Does writing about evil help us understand the reality? Should a writer feel obligated to say something profound, or just have fun?Dave LUCKETT, David D. LEVINE, Esther FRIESNER
Thu1600HOW TO ?? (Kimono Dressing)How to put on a kimono from underpinnings to obi."M-AI-M", Flick CHRISTIAN, Inge HEYER
Thu1600How to Make SF More Inviting to TeensSF attracts tons of teens via video games, movies, anime, and comics but how do we get them to read books? Should we port books to cell phones? Perhaps if we add more sex, disrespect for authority, hip bildungsromans, and work with media tie-ins?Cory DOCTOROW, David M. SILVER, Farah MENDLESOHN, Lisa C. FREITAG, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN
Thu1600Kaffeeklatsche Pat CADIGAN
Thu1600Kaffeeklatsche Marc ZICREE
Thu1600Readings Kari MAUND
Thu1600Sapir–Whorf HypothesisIn the early 20th century, Sapir and Whorf hypothesized the nature of a particular language influences the thought patterns of its speakers. This concept is pervasive in western thought. Has research proven or disproven this, and is the concept a useful tool or a dead end?Geoffrey A. LANDIS, Jean LORRAH, Lawrence M. SCHOEN
Thu1600Travel as a Research MethodSo here you are in Japan; can you use the trip to stimulate your work? What are the ups and downs of tourism-as-research? What do you miss? What does it add?Amy THOMSON, Jon COURTENAY GRIMWOOD, Peter HECK
Thu1700Readings Delia SHERMAN
Thu1900Opening Ceremonies 
Thu2100WSFS Mark Protection Committee MeetingThe WSFS Mark Protection Committee manages the registered service marks on "Worldcon," "Hugo Award," etc. This is the first of two Meetings held at Worldcon. Meetings of the MPC are open to all members.Kevin STANDLEE
Fri1000A Look Back: Kurt VONNEGUTA look back at the life and works of Kurt Vonnegut.Allen BATSON, Eileen GUNN, Mary TURZILLO
Fri1000ASFA Business MeetingBusiness meeting of members of The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA).ASFA Members
Fri1000Autographs Alma ALEXANDER
Fri1000Autographs Anne HARRIS
Fri1000Is This Your First Worldcon? (Japanese)What everyone should know about about Worldcons. This session will emphasize knowledge for first timers from Asia.Amy THOMSON, Marah SEARLE-KOVACEVIC, Joe SICLARI
Fri1000Readings James L. CAMBIAS
Fri1000Robert Anson Heinlein: His Impact on UsRobert A. Heinlein was the most influential writer in SF, but which Heinlein? The author of: short works that set a new standard for SF, Heinlein Juveniles, or the longer, lesser, later works. What is Heinlein's legacy? Where was he influential and who did he influence?David M. SILVER, G. David NORDLEY, Kari MAUND, Keith G. KATO, Farah MENDLESOHN
Fri1000Searching for Extra-Solar Planets Inge HEYER
Fri1000Sprawl Fiction"Sprawl fiction" was coined to show how new writers, most in their thirties, are trying to expand our genre yet still loving its very core, straight SF. Terms like "new Weird", "interstitial", "strange fiction" or "new fabulist" don't cover the trend fully. It is a natural reflection of our urban society and probably heralds the new stage of our evolution; to the stars. We talk about why the new generation slipstream is not the fusion of literary fiction and SF/F.Ellen DATLOW, Gavin J. GRANT, Lou ANDERS, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Fri1000Teaching Writing Ellen KUSHNER, Scott EDELMAN, Gay HALDEMAN, Delia SHERMAN
Fri1000The Ethical Issues of BiotechnologyWho own genes? Can you hide your genetic flaws? Should you tailor your kids for appearance? Should androids have human rights? Should we seed the galaxy with Earth plants? Which will destroy civilization: clone wars or genetically modified food crops? How are these issues handled, mishandled, or neglected by SF?Carolina GOMEZ LAGERLOF, Elisabeth MALARTRE, Gregory BENFORD, Robert SILVERBERG
Fri1000The Henson Company: Character Building and MoreFind out what's hot at the Henson company, and what drives them towards the projects they pursue. Presented by VP Halle Stanford, and brought to life by puppeteer Julianne BuescherHalle STANFORD, Julianne BUESCHER, Rachel BROWN
Fri1000WSFS Business MeetingEvery member of Nippon 2007 is a member of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS), and is eligible to attend and vote at the Society's Business Meetings. The agenda for the main meeting will be set at today's meeting. Exercise your rights as a member.Kevin STANDLEE, Pat McMURRAY, Don EASTLAKE III
Fri1100Autographs Jon COURTENAY GRIMWOOD
Fri1100Autographs Jean LORRAH
Fri1100Conference in Chengdu, ChinaA talk about the conference in Chengdu, China.Adam RAKUNAS, Jason STODDARD, Ken BRADY
Fri1100Hugo Discussion GroupThe Hugos are Saturday; our panelists discuss what they think of everyone else's work but their own…Mike SCOTT, Perrianne LURIE, Vincent DOCHERTY
Fri1100Kaffeeklatsche Christopher BOLTON
Fri1100Kaffeeklatsche Amy THOMSON
Fri1100Readings Cory DOCTOROW
Fri1100What Every Pro Should Know About FandomWithout fandom, there would be no Worldcon and no Hugo Awards. Once you immerse yourself in fandom there are definite do's and don'ts. Find out what they are from people who know.Gay HALDEMAN, Lillian CSERNICA, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Susan DE GUARDIOLA
Fri1200Autographs Dave LUCKETT
Fri1200Avant-Pop Revolutions Takayuki TATSUMI, Tetsuya SATOU, Yoriko SHONO, Tadashi NAGASAWA, Christopher BOLTON
Fri1200Basics of Book Design and PublishingThere's nothing quite like reading (or holding) a really beautiful book. The cover design, interior illustrations, type face, layout, and even paper quality all contribute to the experience. What goes into creating a satisfyingly artistic volume? How does it effect the experience of the reader? What are your favorite books?Dave HOWELL, Jennie FARIES, John D. BERRY, Kelly BUEHLER, Stephen SEGAL
Fri1200CSI in the 22nd CenturyHow real is CSI? A lot of its technologies are illegal or misrepresented. More of it is unproven, unreliable, or outright fictional. Is CSI SF or just a few years ahead of its time? Forensic IT, chemistry and engineering are making great strides. Where will they be in the next century?Patricia MACEWEN
Fri1200Digital Maoism: Drowning the Individual VoiceA book is small set of people, usually one person, authoring a story. The web turns this sideways, allowing many to collaborate, drawing upon snippets from everywhere. What effect does this have on creativity, our reading habits, and the way we process information? Is there a future for the book as we know it?Cory DOCTOROW, Eileen GUNN, Chris O'SHEA, Elizabeth Anne HULL
Fri1200Guest of Honor David BRINDavid Brin's Guest of Honor presentation. This speech will be aimed primarily at the English-speaking audience.David BRIN
Fri1200How Healthy is the Short StoryFor decades, there has been talk of the death of short fiction in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Are markets shrinking? Is the quality less than it was thirty years ago? Ellen DATLOW, Gavin J. GRANT, Joe HALDEMAN, Larry NIVEN
Fri1200Kaffeeklatsche Paul CORNELL
Fri1200Kaffeeklatsche David D. LEVINE
Fri1200Painting DemonstrationGuest of Honor Michael Whelan, Bob EGGLETON and Naoyuki KATO demonstrate painting using ideas and suggestions flown in from the audience.Michael WHELAN, Bob EGGLETON, Naoyuki KATO
Fri1200Readings Edd VICK
Fri1200Remembering Robert Anton WILSONRemembering the golden days of the geeks.Jack William BELL, Lou ANDERS, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Fri1200Slideshow about the Mars Exploration Rovers mission. Geoffrey A. LANDIS
Fri1200Unexplored Alternate HistoriesWhat makes for a good alternate history? Are WWII, Rome, and the US Civil wars all overused? Are there other overlooked but interesting possibilities? If so, why aren't they being used?Alma ALEXANDER, Ben YALOW, Linda ROBINETT, Robert Charles WILSON, Edward JAMES
Fri1300Autographs Lawrence M. SCHOEN
Fri1300Autographs Amy THOMSON
Fri1300Fannish Inquisition I The 2009 Worldcon BidsKansas City and Montreal are bidding to host the 2009 Worldcon. Come hear what each bid has to say before casting your vote.Margene BAHM, Jim MURRAY, Rene WALLING, Eugene HELLER
Fri1300Godzilla 1954Bob Eggleton speaks about Godzilla on rare materials.Bob EGGLETON, Kazuo SUMIYA
Fri1300Kaffeeklatsche Peter HECK
Fri1300Kaffeeklatsche Jessica LANGER
Fri1300Readings Mark L. VAN NAME
Fri1300The Hospital of the FutureGiven advances in medical care, what will a hospital look like in 25 years? 75? Will they even exist as the centralized entities we know and hate today?Heidi LYSHOL, Pat CADIGAN, Tore Audun HØIE
Fri1400George TAKEI: Q & AA question and answer session with George Takei.George TAKEI
Fri1400Golden Guidelines for Good Game DesignAll good games share a few common characteristics. This presentation for aspiring game designers and aficionados will emphasize design guidelines that can be used to determine why some games aren't fun, whether you'll like a new game (before you play it), and what changes make the game even better.Dave HOWELL
Fri1400How Much Science Should SF Contain?Hugo Gernsback created SF to teach science. Should this be a foundational idea for SF or is it a horrible error? Why do we care whether the science is right even when the story is good? Much of SF seems to get along quite nicely with no discernable reality in its science althogh there is the occasional piece accorded masterpiece status *because* of its science content. Is the issue the technical details or is it a general approach to the universe that is important? Chad ORZEL, David M. SILVER, Gregory BENFORD, Stanley SCHMIDT
Fri1400Kaffeeklatsche Candas Jane DORSEY
Fri1400Readings Charles ARDAI
Fri1400The Art of John PicacioA slide presentation of John Picacio's artwork.John PICACIO
Fri1400The Transparent SocietyDavid Brin wrote "The Transparent society". In it he claims that current information technology kills privacy and that we must all adjust. Related concepts are scattered through his fiction. Is it possible to put social and legal limits on the processing of private information, now and in the future?Charles STROSS, Chris COOPER, David BRIN, Dr Andrew A. ADAMS
Fri1400What Do You Read Passionately Besides SFIs cross-genre reading all that popular? Can an author of one genre rightly expect his/her readers to follow when the author switches genres? What, as a fan, do you like to read? Do you read outside that genre? As an author, do you write outside that genre?Grant CARRINGTON, Kelly LINK, Kirsten (KJ) BISHOP, Marianne PLUMRIDGE-EGGLETON, Susan DE GUARDIOLA, Carolina GOMEZ LAGERLOF
Fri1400Yaoi vs. Slash Mari KOTANI, Anne HARRIS, Amy THOMSON, Reiko HIKAWA, Hisayo OGUSHI, Junko KANEDA, Azusa NOA
Fri1500Autographs Esther FRIESNER
Fri1500Autographs Robin HOBB
Fri1500Kaffeeklatsche Jack William BELL
Fri1500Kaffeeklatsche Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN
Fri1500Pyr: Upcoming Books SlideshowA look at Pyr's upcoming schedule.Lou ANDERS
Fri1500Readings Naomi NOVIK
Fri1500SF for the HandicappedAs the population ages, more and more people have special needs in order to function fully within society. How do those with "Special Needs" access their SF?Lillian CSERNICA, W A THOMASSON, Farah MENDLESOHN, Pat CADIGAN
Fri16006 years (almost) and countingSept 11, 2001; 9/11. Are the wounds still too fresh to talk about? How about 7/7? Does the rest of the world care? Can it happen again? Can we use it in a story? If not now, when? Is this a line that cannot be crossed?Joe HALDEMAN, Jon COURTENAY GRIMWOOD, Lawrence PERSON, Maura MCHUGH, Pat CADIGAN, Elizabeth Anne HULL
Fri1600Autographs Scott EDELMAN
Fri1600Autographs Stanley SCHMIDT
Fri1600Autographs George TAKEI
Fri1600Fantasy and Traditional Songs and Ballads Ellen KUSHNER, Delia SHERMAN, Reiko HIKAWA, Hicaru TANAKA, Yasuko
Fri1600Interview with Naomi NOVIKTalking about the dragons again, sponsored by Sony Magazine.Naomi NOVIK
Fri1600Kaffeeklatsche James L. CAMBIAS
Fri1600Klingon: The Fastest Growing Language in the GalaxyThe signs are everywhere; and in a fascinating language. Meet and listen to the man who created the signs, and one of the world's foremost authorities on Klingonese.Lawrence M. SCHOEN
Fri1600Prometheus AwardsThe Libertarian Society presents the Prometheus Awards.Charles STROSS, Fred C. MOULTON
Fri1600Readings Dave LUCKETT
Fri1600The Chesley AwardsThe Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA) presents the Chesley Awards, to recognize individual works and achievements during the past year.Julie Faith RIGBY (mc)
Fri1600The State of CosmologyA look at the work being done in the field of cosmology.Inge HEYER
Fri1600The Tech Savvy CriminalWhat tools, techniques and technologies would be required today for someone to break the law and evade detection or capture? What will CSI: Mons Olympus need to keep up? This panel is for discussion purpose only, and is not intended to be a handy dandy guide to our criminal elements...Cory DOCTOROW, Geoffrey A. LANDIS, Patricia MACEWEN
Fri1600Women of the Future Mari KOTANI, Motoko ARAI, Mariko OHARA, Hisayo OGUSHI, Saori KUMI, Mio WAKAGI, Candas DORSEY, Mary NIGHTON
Fri1600Writing Non-Human CharactersIt's difficult for humans to think past themselves sufficiently to create something that's more alien than an athropomorphized Gila monster or a psychic tarantula. How do we make non-human characters alive and real without making them copies of ourselves?   How do we avoid cliches?Amy THOMSON, Cecilia DART-THORNTON, G. David NORDLEY, Candas Jane DORSEY
Fri1700Autographs Larry NIVEN
Fri1700Autographs Robert Charles WILSON
Fri1700Introducing the Triptree Award and the Sense of Gender Award Reona KASHIWAZAKI, Yutaka EBIHARA, Hisayo OGUSHI, Tomoyo KASUYA, Megumi KOBAYASHI, Yasuhiko NISHIZAWA, Natsuko MORI, Mari KOTANI, Kelly LINK, Candas Jane DORSEY, Eileen GUNN
Fri1700Kaffeeklatsche Gavin J. GRANT
Fri1700Kaffeeklatsche Eileen GUNN
Fri1700Readings Kirsten (KJ) BISHOP
Fri1800Art Show ReceptionOpen to all Members.
Fri1830Star Trek New Voyages: World Enough and TimeA showing of the new production, Star Trek New Voyages: World Enough and Time. With an introduction by George TAKEI and Marc ZICREE. Japanese subtitles.George TAKEI, Marc ZICREE
Sat1000Do fans read faster? Workshop in speed reading by Kjetill GunnarsonDo fans read faster than other book lovers? Kjetill will examine if this is the case, and walk through first steps in kinesthetic, auditive, and visual reading strategies.Kjetill GUNNARSON
Sat1000Guest of Honour Speech: Yoshitaka AmanoA presentation by Guest of Honor Yoshitaka AMANO.Yoshitaka AMANO
Sat1000Is Science Fiction Necessary?Haven't we won? Aren't science-fictional ideas, vocabulary, themes and predictions now deeply embedded in the popular culture? Aren't a disproportionate percentage of popular movies from our genres? Don't mainstream authors dip into the slipstream every day? So, what's our mission now? What worlds are left to conquer -- and why?Inge HEYER, Paul CORNELL, Peter HECK, Robert Charles WILSON
Sat1000Kaffeeklatsche Jay LAKE
Sat1000Kaffeeklatsche David BRIN
Sat1000Kaffeeklatsche Ellen DATLOW
Sat1000Readings Geoffrey A. LANDIS
Sat1000Research 101Writers must know what they are writing about: or must they? How much research is enough? Must you know and identify your target audience (hard science/trek/fantasy) first? Is there a minimum amount of science a SF author needs to know.Alma ALEXANDER, Jon COURTENAY GRIMWOOD, Stanley SCHMIDT
Sat1000SFWA Business MeetingMeeting of the Science Fiction Writers of America.SFWA Members
Sat1000Talk with Mr. Benford Gregory BENFORD, Jun'ichi KADOKURA, Tsutomu NIHEI, Jouji HAYASHI, Mizuhito AKIYAMA
Sat1000The Inevitable Google PanelLove it or hate it, more than half of all net users search via Google. Is it really the end all and be all of all human knowledge? Computer knowledge? Our panelists have fun and try to predict where it will be in 2 year? 10 20? 100? Dr Andrew A. ADAMS, Eileen GUNN, Tom GALLOWAY, Adam RAKUNAS
Sat1000What Editors Want From ArtistsIs it realism? A particular color? Many editors return to the same artists again and again. What sets these paragons apart? Style? Originality? A distinctive look or varied approach? Reliable telepathy? (Oh, and must the artist read the story, or what?)Bob EGGLETON, Jennie FARIES, John PICACIO, Karen HABER, Lou ANDERS, Betsy MITCHELL
Sat1000WSFS Business MeetingEvery member of Nippon 2007 is a member of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS), and is eligible to attend and vote at the Society's Business Meetings. Today most proposals to amend the WSFS Constitution will be debated and voted upon. Exercise your rights as a member.Kevin STANDLEE, Pat McMURRAY, Don EASTLAKE III
Sat1100Autographs Pat CADIGAN
Sat1100Autographs G. David NORDLEY
Sat1100Kaffeeklatsche Lou ANDERS
Sat1100Kaffeeklatsche Lawrence M. SCHOEN
Sat1100Readings Jay LAKE
Sat1200Autographs Geoffrey A. LANDIS
Sat1200Autographs John PICACIO
Sat1200Class-Based Societies in F&SFWhy do so many writers create a world with class politics, a hereditary rulership and limited social mobility? Should a democratic citizen write glowingly of kings? Is it appropriate to do so in SF set in the far future (Is Damon Knight right to criticize A.E. van Vogt)?Cecilia DART-THORNTON, Edward JAMES, Heidi LYSHOL, Grania DAVIS
Sat1200David BRIN Reading with Origami PlayA Reading and origami program by GOH, David Brin.David BRIN, Kazuo SUMIYA
Sat1200History of Masquerade Costumes Yuichiro SAKUTA, Richard MAN
Sat1200Kaffeeklatsche Jon COURTENAY GRIMWOOD
Sat1200Kaffeeklatsche William SHUNN
Sat1200Location,Location,Location: How Setting Influences and Structures the StoryHow do the arc of the Ringworld, the hills of the Shire, the plazas of Trantor shape their stories' characters and events? Does local color bewitch or bore the reader? (Does it matter? -- why?) Are real places easier to evoke than imaginary ones? Which genre settings can't you forget?David D. LEVINE, Delia SHERMAN, Lillian CSERNICA, Stanley SCHMIDT
Sat1200Meet the John W. Campbell Award Finalists for Best New WriterA discussion of how the finalists for the John W. Campbell award made their professional debuts. What kind of backgrounds do they have? Where did they submit work? To what do they attribute their success?Jay LAKE, John A DAVIS, Lawrence M. SCHOEN, Naomi NOVIK
Sat1200Mundane or Transcendent?Many American SF writers write about the near future, the Singularity, or the far future; all completely different from our reality. Some are in favor of realism, while other prefer fantastic elements. Is this necessarily contradictory? Can we find fantastic in the real world, or write a realistic alien future?Charles STROSS, Cory DOCTOROW, Robert SILVERBERG, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Sat1200Panel Dialogue: Amano Yoshitaka vs. Bob Eggleton Yoshitaka AMANO, Bob EGGLETON, Yutaka IZUBUCHI, Yasuo KAWAI, Hicaru TANAKA
Sat1200Readings Ellen KUSHNER
Sat1200Regency DanceJohn HERTZ, fandom's expert on the English Regency era (about the year 1800), will once again teach Regency ballroom dancing.  This is a participatory event -- feel free to join in, even if you have three left feet.  Costumes welcome, but not required.John HERTZ
Sat1200The Books Ate My HouseWhen SF fans admit (embarrassed) "I have piles," they might not mean what outsiders think. Confess the challenges of living with way too many books, and discuss possible solutions. Tesseract-shaped bookcases? Inventive new technologies (hmm, what *is* the insulating value of paper?)? Or even getting rid of some....?Allen BATSON, Edd VICK, Flick CHRISTIAN, Margene BAHM
Sat1200The Death of Individual InnovationEarly Sf is replete with stories about individuals who, with a single idea and lots of grit, time, funds or all three, could implement an idea with little or no outside help. Could this have happened in reality? Or was this simply a fable? Could it happen today? Or would today's society, corporations or the web doom this hapless _individual_ to failure?G. David NORDLEY, Tore Audun HØIE, Farah MENDLESOHN
Sat1200The Future of WarAttrition warfare with men and machines is fast becoming obsolete. If the ultimate goal of war is to destroy your enemy's will to resist, with what shall we wage war in the future?David M. SILVER, Joe HALDEMAN, Lawrence PERSON, Stephen DAVIS
Sat1200We Love Cyberpunk! Takayuki TATSUMI, Makoto KIKUCHI, Mari KOTANI, Eileen GUNN, Trinity, Ellen DATLOW
Sat1300Autographs Lou ANDERS
Sat1300Autographs Michael WHELAN
Sat1300Heroes: The TV SeriesHeroes has made the world safer for comics culture. The creators say they've got 5 more seasons scoped: is there enough depth to sustain that? There are more unanswered questions than ever before, not the least of which is who's cuter: Hiro or Niki? (Or Jessica?)Maura MCHUGH, Michele ELLINGTON, Paul CORNELL, Perrianne LURIE
Sat1300Kaffeeklatsche Kirsten (KJ) BISHOP
Sat1300Kaffeeklatsche Inge HEYER
Sat1300Readings Esther FRIESNER
Sat1300Upcoming Del Rey TitlesA presentation on upcoming titles from Del Rey books.Betsy MITCHELL
Sat1400Alien SexualityAlien sex is frequently depicted as being the same as human sex with differences in superficial biology. What if the Venerians are not just us with bad haircuts and bigger ... ears? How would aliens enjoy sex? Is it necessary to enjoy it? For all 2 to the x partners. Amy THOMSON, Anne HARRIS, Geoffrey A. LANDIS, Pat CADIGAN
Sat1400Autographs George TAKEI
Sat1400Kaffeeklatsche Michael WHELAN
Sat1400Kaffeeklatsche Charles ARDAI
Sat1400Making Writing More Vivid and MemorableHow can a writer make their story particularly vivid or memorable? Show, don't tell? How else do writers bring their writing to life? Why do some passages stay with us after the book is done, but others are gone a month later. Panelists are welcome to bring their favorite passages.Alma ALEXANDER, Jean LORRAH, Kirsten (KJ) BISHOP, Jay LAKE
Sat1400Readings Lawrence M. SCHOEN
Sat1400Religion In SFThough their pursuits are not mutually exclusive, religion and speculative fiction are almost anathema to one another. In SF, religion is ridiculed as superstition, derided as a pursuit of less advanced minds. Why is this kind of discrimination acceptable? Why are there not more proudly religious characters in SF?Jessica LANGER, Kari MAUND, Robert Charles WILSON, William SHUNN
Sat1400SF Studies and SF Education Takayuki TATSUMI, Takashi ISHIKAWA, Tadashi NAGASAWA, Christopher BOLTON, William GARDNER, Thomas SCHNELLBAECHER
Sat1400SF Tribes? The New Communities in Internet Society.Our community has grown so big, we have many small cabals, each of which cares nothing for the others. Through the Internet, blogging and e-mails our ties are strengthened and old community values wear thin, as proved by Hurricane Katrina. Any connection there?Lou ANDERS, Mark L. VAN NAME, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Sat1400The Killer B'sSF eagerly explores change driven by science and technology. David Brin, Gregory Benford, Greg Bear, Vernor Vinge and Stephen Baxter are known for successful predictions and forecasts that frighten and inspire. They were asked to complete Isaac Asimov's epochal "Robots & Foundation" universe. Some of them are here at Worldcon. Ask them what's next!David BRIN, Gregory BENFORD, Robert SILVERBERG
Sat1400The Universal LibraryImagine if all the information of the world was available via the web; all the books, magazine, videos, TV shows and crossword puzzles ever produced. What would be the effect be on the world? How would it come about, and would it change the world?Charles STROSS, Cory DOCTOROW, Linda ROBINETT, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Tom GALLOWAY
Sat1500Autographs Naomi NOVIK
Sat1500Autographs Delia SHERMAN
Sat1500Readings Candas Jane DORSEY
Sat1500Ted Chiang InterviewedJust nine stories so far but that are enough to prove the world he's one of the greatest science fiction writers of our time. So let's hear him talk about his new story in five years 'The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate' and a lot more. Interviewed by a physicist Makoto Kikuchi, so it's gonna surely be deep and profound.Ted CHIANG, Makoto KIKUCHI
Sat1600?s It Really Strange?: New SlipstreamBruce Stterling coined the term Slipstream nearly twenty years ago. Since then a bunch of new writers has written a lot of that kind of unclassifiable strange fiction. But is it a type, or subgenre? One thing is clear now. Many writers in their thirties now prefer to write bizarre and surrealistic stories within our genre. And it happens in Japan, too.Kelly LINK, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Mark L. VAN NAME, Takashi OGAWA
Sat1600Kaffeeklatsche Stanley SCHMIDT
Sat1600Kaffeeklatsche Michele ELLINGTON
Sat1600Levels and Limits of MetafictionalityStories about stories. When can the teller of a story successfully interact with the story, and when is it a cheat?Candas Jane DORSEY, Jessica LANGER, Kate NEPVEU, Scott EDELMAN
Sat1600Readings Eileen GUNN
Sat1600Religion in FantasyDoes C. S. Lewis's and J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy promoted Christianity, while Philip Pullman's subverts it? Too simplistic? How is creating a credible religion like creating a workable economy? Who are the best at this? Must you believe, even a little, in a god you make yourself?Lisa C. FREITAG, Esther FRIESNER, Lillian CSERNICA
Sat1600Sex and TechnologyThe automobile.....the movie......the Internet......then? How has modern technology affected sex? What lies ahead - virtual reality harems? Computer-enhanced marital aids? The orgasmatron? What can we look forward to? (and is this all a Good Thing?)David D. LEVINE, Dr Andrew A. ADAMS, Patricia MACEWEN
Sat1600Star Trek New Voyages: World Enough and TimeA repeat showing of the new production, Star Trek New Voyages: World Enough and Time. Japanese subtitles.
Sat1600The ArchiTECHSTake a bunch of geniuses, give them a problem and 48 hours to solve it, then let the cameras roll to watch it happen. Two pilot episodes of this series aired on USA's History Channel. With an introduction by GOH David Brin.David BRIN
Sat1600The Universe as seen from the Hubble Space Telescope Inge HEYER
Sat1600Thomas the RhymerEllen Kushner does an one woman show with music & storytelling, reading from the novel and accompanied by singing of the ballads that inspired it. For details: http://www.sff.net/people/kushnerSherman/Kushner/appearance.htmlEllen KUSHNER
Sat1600Women of Japan Exhibit Artists Talk (Docent)Women of Japan, Laurie Toby Edison's recently completed eight-year intercultural photography project, is a featured exhibition of Nippon 2007. This is the first time the finished project has been shown. The exhibition includes 40 photographs with bilingual texts and an introduction by Mari Kotani. The images show the beauty and power of Japanese women of diverse age, class, size, ability, culture and background. Together with the accompanying bilingual text, the photographs extend the boundaries of both Japanese and US standards for "who" is beautiful and "who" is significant. Some of the work has previously been shown at the National Museum of Art (Osaka), Third Gallery Aya (Osaka) and the Kyoto Art Center.Laurie Toby EDISON
Sat1600Women of Japan Panel discussionWomen of Japan, Laurie Toby Edison's recently completed 8 year intercultural photography project, involved both Japanese and US fans (among others) and is a featured exhibition fo Nippon 2007. The images show the beauty and power of diverse Japanese women, and extend the boundaries of both Japanese and US standards for "who" is beautiful and "who" is significant. Come hear Laurie Toby Edison, and several of the women in her photographs, discuss the project and its importance.Laurie Toby EDISON, Junko FUKAZAWA, Rebecca JENNISON, Manami TACHIBANA, Mari KOTANI
Sat1700Autographs Charles ARDAI
Sat1700Autographs Grania DAVIS
Sat1700Readings G. David NORDLEY
Sat1800Hugo Awards CeremonyThe Hugo Awards will be presented by the World Science Fiction Society for the best works in the field for 2006.
Sun1000A Look Back: Jack WILLIAMSONA look back at the life and works of Jack WilliamsonG. David NORDLEY, Scott EDELMAN, Grania DAVIS
Sun1000Alternate FuturesWe talk about alternate histories, but there are also alternate futures. What futures might plausibly grow from today. Are the traditional SF futures still possible? Is history really at an end? How do you build a future anyway? How about futures based on alternate pasts -- do they count?Charles STROSS, James L. CAMBIAS
Sun1000GibberishDeveloping a language system involves more than just removing the vast majority of the vowels in your characters' names. What distinguishes a good language system in fiction from a bad one?Lawrence M. SCHOEN, Stanley SCHMIDT, Mary TURZILLO
Sun1000Guest of Honor David BRIN (translated)David Brin's second Guest of Honor presentation, with material aimed for the Japanese and international members.David BRIN
Sun1000Is Fantasy Necessary?We never would have flown without Icarus. Alchemy came before nanotech. But fantasy is mired in kings and cookie-cutter dragons not the dreams, concerns and requirements of modern life. Fantasy can be seen as anti-democratic and racist. How can fantasy address the complexities of the 21st century? Should it?Anne HARRIS, Delia SHERMAN, Esther FRIESNER, Kirsten (KJ) BISHOP, Stephen SEGAL
Sun1000Kaffeeklatsche Cory DOCTOROW
Sun1000Kaffeeklatsche Geoffrey A. LANDIS
Sun1000Longer Life Expectancy = More Time to be Miserable?What is the maximum human lifespan? Can it said to be worthwhile to live to 135 if 35 of those years are bedridden?Grant CARRINGTON, Gregory BENFORD, Margene BAHM, Joe HALDEMAN
Sun1000Readings Robert Charles WILSON
Sun1000Shotokan Karate-do WorkshopWould you like a simple and safe first experience in the traditional Japanese martial art of Shotokan karate-do?  For many years, this workshop has been offered at Worldcons to introduce the basic mechanics of Shotokan karate-do.  The underlying physical and physiological principles of distance, breathing, movement, and timing will be taught in the areas of basic motion ("kihon"), pre-arranged sequence of defense and attack ("kata"), and no-contact simulation of sparring ("kumite").  Level of effort will be no greater than low-impact aerobics, with emphasis on safety.  Come dressed in light, loose-fitting clothing.  Instruction will be in English.Keith G. KATO
Sun1000Small Press Publishing in the United States, Japan, Europe ...Some of the most exciting work in science fiction, fantasy and horror is produced by small presses. What makes a book good? Can small presses save us from degeneration? What challenges in design, production, and marketing do small presses face? Can labors of love make money?Daniel SPECTOR, Bob EGGLETON, Charles ARDAI, John D. BERRY, Kelly LINK
Sun1000The Economics and Sociology of AbundanceOver millennia, humankind has grown steadily richer. Eventually, will money no longer be an issue? How will this culture of plenty affect human motives and interactions? Are the motives we see in today's SF believable in an ultra-wealthy far-future setting?Marianne PLUMRIDGE-EGGLETON, W A THOMASSON, Mike SCOTT, Tore Audun HØIE
Sun1000Was Margaret Mead Full of S***?Mead said "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Many intelligent and well-informed people say Mead's philosophy is purest fantasy. Panelists discuss/debate about whether or not Mead was right.Eileen GUNN, Elisabeth MALARTRE, Farah MENDLESOHN
Sun1000Writing for TVSo, you want to get something on TV! What does it take: Character? Plot? Action? Romance?! Some industry veterans discuss what it takes to get there.Halle STANFORD, Marc ZICREE, Paul CORNELL
Sun1000WSFS Business MeetingEvery member of Nippon 2007 is a member of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS), and is eligible to attend and vote at the Society's Business Meetings. Today the results of Worldcon Site Selection will be announced and any remaining proposals from yesterday will be debated and voted upon.Kevin STANDLEE, Pat McMURRAY, Don EASTLAKE III
Sun1100Autographs Robert SILVERBERG
Sun1100Kaffeeklatsche Scott EDELMAN
Sun1100Movement of the solar system Inge HEYER
Sun1100Upcoming from Baen BooksBaen Books upcoming titles and publication schedule.Mark L. VAN NAME, Jennie FARIES
Sun1200Autographs Ellen DATLOW
Sun1200Autographs Eileen GUNN
Sun1200Autographs Charles STROSS
Sun1200Celtic and British Influenced SF and FantasyCeltic and British myth and culture have profoundly influenced English-language fantasy. How much influence has it had on fantasy in other languages? Kari MAUND, Cecilia DART-THORNTON, Maura MCHUGH
Sun1200Creating an SF FranchiseThe story of creating Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, an 800 mil franchise.John A DAVIS
Sun1200Cyberpunk Seen from OutsideSure, most of us consider the cyberpunk is a history. But every new near future hi-teck stories looks like cyberpunk now. So let's examine it from the fresh view points, points from outside. Japan notably welcomed it wholeheartedly in the eighties, but what was it like in Germany? Or even UK and Canada might have seen it as a curiousity. Was it really a global phenomenon?Gire E. GOEZEN, Takashi OGAWA
Sun1200Defending Public Domain from Corporate Copyright MaximalismCopyright is the new conspiracy. What can we do to keep public domain works public. And how do we get them to release what should be public? If a company can make a buck, it will – but where does capitalism end and copyright maximalism begin?Cory DOCTOROW, Inge HEYER, Naomi NOVIK, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN
Sun1200Design a Truly Alien AlienIn science fiction aliens resemble humans with rubber face masks, inspired by rare terrestrial life-forms. Their behaviors, while extreme, are familiar (like Crazy uncle Ted). Is it alien if it is familiar? The panelists will be asked to conceive of the most inhuman, least earthly aliens possible.Amy THOMSON, Geoffrey A. LANDIS, Lawrence M. SCHOEN, Patricia MACEWEN
Sun1200Future Art: What New Forms of Art might Arise from Current Technologies or Esthetics?Computer composition, collaborative kinetic sculpture, zero-gee dance? "Blogging" is one new candidate, as are phone-cam web journals and "reality" television. What's likely to be next, and do we really want it?Dave HOWELL, Karen HABER, Susan DE GUARDIOLA, Chris O'SHEA, Pat CADIGAN
Sun1200Godzilla 2007 Bob EGGLETON, Norman ENGLAND, Hicaru TANAKA, Shinichi WAKASA, Yuji KAIDA, Takayuki TATSUMI
Sun1200Interstitial Arts Foundation"Art that crosses boundaries." What does this mean? What does it include? Why does it need a Foundation? What can the Foundation accomplish? A talk about the Foundation, it's accomplishments and goals. http://www.interstitialarts.org/ Alma ALEXANDER, Delia SHERMAN, Ellen KUSHNER, Stephen SEGAL
Sun1200Kaffeeklatsche Joe HALDEMAN
Sun1200Kaffeeklatsche Robin HOBB
Sun1200Readings Marc ZICREE
Sun1200Seiun Awards Ceremony 
Sun1200The Art of Michael WHELANGuest of Honor Michael Whelan presents an overview of his work.Michael WHELAN
Sun1200Women of Japan Exhibit Artists Talk (Docent)Women of Japan, Laurie Toby Edison's recently completed 8 year intercultural photography project, involved both Japanese and US fans (among others) and is a featured exhibition fo Nippon 2007. The images show the beauty and power of diverse Japanese women, and extend the boundaries of both Japanese and US standards for "who" is beautiful and "who" is significant. Come hear Laurie Toby Edison, and several of the women in her photographs, discuss the project and its importance.Laurie Toby EDISON
Sun1300Autographs David BRIN
Sun1300Autographs Marc ZICREE
Sun1300Autographs Candas Jane DORSEY
Sun1300Kaffeeklatsche G. David NORDLEY
Sun1300Kaffeeklatsche Esther FRIESNER
Sun1300Readings Joe HALDEMAN
Sun1300The Golden Duck Awards for Excellence in Children's Science FictionAwards being presented include The Hal Clement Award for Young Adult Literature, and The Eleanor Camerson Award for Middle Grades.Helen GBALA
Sun1400A "Survey of Readers"Farah Mendelsohn has surveyed 900+ readers. After a summation of her finding, she and the panellists will discuss her findings.Heidi LYSHOL, Mary TURZILLO, Paul CORNELL, Farah MENDLESOHN
Sun1400Autographs Lillian CSERNICA
Sun1400Autographs Bob EGGLETON
Sun1400Free Will? Or Neurochemistry?Some behaviors (anger, violence) might be neurological in nature. If these traits can be identified and treated, what implications does this have on social interactions, legal contracts and frameworks? The social contract? The idea of individual responsibility? Could we program ourselves into becoming mindless sheep? Should we?Eileen GUNN, Jack William BELL, James L. CAMBIAS
Sun1400Kaffeeklatsche Gregory BENFORD
Sun1400Kaffeeklatsche David BRIN
Sun1400Readings Amy THOMSON
Sun1400SF and our Classics Robert SILVERBERG, Hitoshi YOKOMICHI, Kazuma SHINJOW, Shinji KAJIO
Sun1400The Integration of Science and Religion in SF&FScience Fiction is the literature of the humanist, the rationalist and the skeptic. As theoretical physicists look at the underpinnings of the physical universe, they see the presence of the hand of God. How do authors integrate religion and science? Can it only be done in fantasy?Lisa C. FREITAG, Robert Charles WILSON, William SHUNN, Edward JAMES
Sun1400The Short Story's Role in Fantastic FictionShort fiction rarely gets the attention that novels do by reviewers. It is harder to sell collections and anthologies than novels. The panelists, writers and editors of short fiction discuss their thoughts about the shorter forms (short story, novelette, novella) of fantastic fiction.Ellen DATLOW, Gavin J. GRANT, Larry NIVEN, Pat CADIGAN
Sun1400Upcoming Books from TorA presentation on Tor's publication schedule.Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Tom DOHERTY
Sun1500Kaffeeklatsche Grania DAVIS
Sun1600Anti-AmericanismIs it just jealousy? Or is there some basis to how most of the world feels towards the United States, the first Hyperpower the world has ever seenDave LUCKETT, Gregory BENFORD, Jon COURTENAY GRIMWOOD, Maura MCHUGH
Sun1600Kaffeeklatsche Alma ALEXANDER
Sun1600Kaffeeklatsche Delia SHERMAN
Sun1600Living with Another WriterRobert Silverberg through the eyes of his wife, Karen Haber and vice versa.  Can two writers live together easily?  What are the joys and difficulties they share?  How does living with another writer affect one's career?  Lifestyle?  Writing style?Karen HABER, Robert SILVERBERG
Sun1600Lost Tribes of Cult NovelsWhere have the cult novels gone? They were once legion; "Stranger in a Stranger Land", "Cat's Cradle", "The Lord of the Rings", "Illuminatus!", "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues", "Neuromancer" and "The Wasp Factory" . But what about "Snow Crash" and "Harry Potter"? Why aren't they cult novels?Elizabeth Anne HULL, Gavin J. GRANT, Yoshio KOBAYASHI
Sun1600Readings Paul CORNELL
Sun1600Science Fiction Museum - A Virtual TourTake a tour of Seattle's Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame, home of the Death Star and Enterprise-D. A member of the curatorial department will show you the galleries, artifacts, and exhibitions.Brooks PECK
Sun1600Second Life and Other Virtual WorldsVirtual worlds are a perfect example of science fiction becoming part of mainstream culture. People work, play, and create everyday in these virtual spaces. How are these cutting-edge applications changing how we live, work, and participate in society and entertainment? And what does the future hold for storytelling and communication as the technology improves?Adam RAKUNAS, Ken BRADY, Naoyoshi SHIMAYA, Yuki SAEKI
Sun1600Tracked experiment of planet Inge HEYER
Sun1600Why FTL is Time TravelA slide presentation.G. David NORDLEY
Sun1700Kaffeeklatsche Anne HARRIS
Sun1700Kaffeeklatsche Ellen KUSHNER
Sun1700Miss Piggy and GodzillaWe have fun and speculate on some interesting dates. Poor Godzilla. Amy THOMSON, David D. LEVINE, Tom GALLOWAY
Sun1700Readings Charles STROSS
Sun1830Donbura-con (Dinner Cruising Party) 
Mon1000Blogging and Live Journals in SFBlogging (and related activities) are having an impact on the world at large, and the SF community in particular. Blogs tell us more about the people in the field, the way the field works, and who is who -- and at a pace and a distribution that few if any fanzines ever matched. Blogs influence the directions of our community, can impact awards by making works or their creators better known, and perhaps even influence the works being created. Or is the impact overstated, as all things net related seem to be? Can writers use blogs to market themselves? Are blogs a way to engage the community? And is this true worldwide, or is it just an US-centric fad? Or even the English speaking world?Adam RAKUNAS, Chad ORZEL, Yoshio KOBAYASHI, Patrick NIELSEN HAYDEN, Paul CORNELL
Mon1000Denvention and the 2009 WorldconQuestions and answer session for next year's Worldcon and the winner of the 2009 bid.Kent BLOOM, 2009 Committee
Mon1000Kaffeeklatsche Larry NIVEN
Mon1000Masquerade PostmortemMasquerade staff and judges will answer questions and get feedback from entrants and audience members on how the Masquerade ran. Any award winners unable to receive their awards at the Masquerade may pick up their certificates at this panel. Entrants may also pick up their judging Polaroids, music source, and any documentation provided for the judges at this time.Sakuta YUICHIRO, Essai USHIJIMA, Sanbi (Carole) PARKER, Karisu, John HERTZ
Mon1000Mysteries: Cross-Overs, Overlaps and MarketingSome fans read both mysteries and SF/F; while others read from only one genre. But when Glen Cook's works show up on the mystery shelves, and Laurel K. Hamilton's are now labeled SF/F, what difference do marketing lines and writing styles make?Carolina GOMEZ LAGERLOF, Chris COOPER, Marianne PLUMRIDGE-EGGLETON, Mark L. VAN NAME, Patricia MACEWEN
Mon1000Readings Grant CARRINGTON
Mon1000The History of _Your_ WorldThe layers of deep history underlaying Lord of the Rings gave it a depth and richness missing from Conan. Does a world need a history which rarely shows up in the stories. If so, how is it built? On what is it based? Can there be too much history?Esther FRIESNER, Lawrence M. SCHOEN
Mon1000The Singularity: How to Write About ItThe singularity may be the most interesting idea to come out of SF, yet may pose a challenge which may be insurmountable — how to set a story in a world which is, by definition, incomprehensible? If a singularity lurks about a hundred years after the invention of the computer: does this mean that hard SF is a contradiction in terms once it gets outside the near future? Can SF stories cope? Or should writers just ignore it and move on?Charles STROSS, Gregory BENFORD, David D. LEVINE, Jack William BELL
Mon1000Visiting Japan 2The Worldcon is nearly over.  Use this opportunity to meet up with other science fiction fans who plan to explore Japan or talk with folks who have already had the opportunity to tour Japan. Inge HEYER, Michele ELLINGTON
Mon1000WSFS Mark Protection Committee MeetingThis committee manages the WSFS service marks (like "Worldcon" and "Hugo Award") and consists of members elected by the Business Meeting and appointed by Worldcon committees. This meeting is open to all Nippon 2007 members. Note that this meeting may be rescheduled. Check the convention Newsletter for schedule updates.Kevin STANDLEE
Mon1100Exploring Mars: The Inside StoryWhen SF explores Mars, it is done by military spacecraft or eccentric scientists in secret. Why is the reality so very different? What are the years of preparation, team building, and ideas like? Can the individual participate and make a difference? Is it as fun and exciting as the fiction?Geoffrey A. LANDIS, G. David NORDLEY, Mary TURZILLO
Mon1100Fannish Inquisition II: Post 2009 bidsInformation from possible NASFiC Bids and future Worldcon bids.Alexander VON THORN, Marah SEARLE-KOVACEVIC
Mon1100Kaffeeklatsche Stephen SEGAL
Mon1100Kaffeeklatsche Mary TURZILLO
Mon1100The Zygote (Games) PanelThe last panel of the convention. We talk about Zygotes or whatever other fancy comes to mind.James L. CAMBIAS, Diane A. KELLY
Mon1200Closing Ceremonies