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Babel-Translated Japanese Web Pages

The following links are to AltaVista Babelfish translations of Japanese web sites.
The second link is to the original site.
To translate additional pages, use this Babelfish AltaVista Babelfish link.

Guide Interpreter services

Honyakusha Directory     Japanese
Nippon Travel Agency
Japan Guide Association     Japanese

Horseback Riding

Millgrain Riding Club     Japanese
Avalon Hillside Farm     Japanese
Yokohama Joba Club     (Japanese text only)
Tokyo Joba Club     (Japanese text only)
Sanday's Stock Farm     (Japanese text only)
Atsugi Riding Club     Japanese
Western Riding Club Rocky     Japanese
Horseman Farm Asagiri     Japanese
Arcadia Academy     Japanese
List of Riding Clubs     Japanese