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Links for Stuff We Couldn't Figure Where to Put

AltaVista BabelfishAltaVista Babelfish
Many sites you hit will have Japanese text.  The Babelfish site will translate web pages and text for you.

Books 'n Bytes
Science fiction and fantasy links.  Lots of good resources.

Kurodahan Press
Translating and publishing Japanese authors.  Kurodahan Press will introduce its newest anthology, Speculative Japan: Outstanding Tales of Japanese Science Fiction and Fantasy at Worldcon.  The book is US$20, and may have a Worldcon discount.

Kids Web Japan
Bringing the kids to the con?  Give them a warmup on Japan.

J Box
J Box sells all sorts of contemporary culture items, manga, toys, DVD's, you name it.  Also has a commentary on contemporary Japan.

Aki Kimono Rentals
Not cheap, ladies, but when else will you ever get an excuse to wear something so gorgeous?  Here's another link: Joyful-Eli Kimono Rentals.  Both sites non-English, but send an email and they can translate.

Kimono Sales
Several Japanese sites with affordable kimonos.  Men's wear, too.

Dover Books
Lots of books on Costuming, Japan, art, Theory of Relativity, Medieval manuscripts, gothic novels, music scores - just about everything.  Dover reprints many valuable out-of-copyright books you won't find elsewhere.

Japan Links
A gateway for links to a wide variety of Japanese sites.
Britisher Philip Ronan has put together a fascinating web site about his translation business and more.  The link is to his 'Portfolio' page.

Translators and Horses
Some translated sites about horseback riding and Guide Interpreters.

Addictive on-line comic strip.  Two American computer gaming otaku get drunk and wind up on an airplane to Tokyo, credit cards maxed out and no way home.  Six years of dodging Godzilla, Sega hit men, seiyuu, and one pink-haired Playstation game accessory.

Japan in a Nutshell
Japanese culture, and then some.  Full book freebie download.

Non-Con Activities
Horses again, and Baseball.

Chengdu SF&F Conference
Con in China just prior to the Nippon 2007 Worldcon.  David Brin, GoH.

In Memoriam List
Notables who have passed away since the last Worldcon.

The new Official Hugo Site
Almost as good as our Hugo pages.

Want to run your own convention?  This is the big repository of knowledge.

Quirky Japan
A worthwhile collection of off the beaten track items.

FAQ of Japan
A great deal of really in-depth info for tourists.

This probably comes under the heading of 'Fannish Activities,' but some fans have set up a fund and online auction to raise enough moolah to send John Hertz over to Yokohama (and, if possible, bring him back).
LA fan John is a poet, fanwriter, art lover, dance teacher, friend of costumers, and conversationalist, recognized by fandom with the Big Heart Award in 2003.  He has run the Art Show Tour and Regency Dance at previous Worldcons.
Here's a pair of appropriate links: